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Faith, family woven into new book

Meg Duncan reads “Forgiven and Restored,” written by her friend, Jelise Ballon, at Java Jive on Tuesday evening. Duncan self-published her second book, “What a Life – The Book,” which is a compilation of her columns which first appeared in the Courier-Post on May 26, 2016. The book will soon be on sale at Java Jive and it consists of stories of faith, family, changes with the passage of time and how everything weaves together. The book also is available on Amazon as a paperback or as an e-book.
By Hannibal Courier-Post
Posted: Jan. 9, 2020 10:08 am

HANNIBAL | When Meg Duncan wrote her first column for the Courier-Post on May 16, 2016, she set out on a journey coming together in a new book published Jan. 6.

Life has changed in many ways for Duncan, her husband, Shawn, and their sons, Connor and Logan, since she wrote her first Courier-Post column “We're players in the Game of Life.” Each family member is growing in their faith, the boys are growing up at every turn and the whole family takes on the ebbs and flows of life through their shared relationship with God. The first column paralleled the popular board game with the day-to-day life of the Duncan family, and it leads off a compilation of columns spanning 430 pages titled “What a Life – The Book.” Duncan spent about six months editing and bringing the columns together to self-publish the book on Amazon.

“I tried to stick by date, because since I write so much about our lives, I wanted to make that kind of the arch of the story,” Duncan said. “They get our story in the midst of it.”

Duncan recalled how her first column touched on family life when Connor and Logan were younger and her mother and father were still alive. Later, she shared the sorrow of losing her parents and how her family's faith helped them pull through trying times. At first, Duncan wasn't sure if she could discuss her faith in the columns — she soon embraced the chance to share such a big part of her life after submitting a column for Christmas.

“You can see in the book that kind of progression from me not talking about my faith to learning that I can share that, and putting it out there,” Duncan said.

The book contains plenty of humorous moments, too, as the family navigates the challenges and joys of life together. An excerpt on Duncan's Facebook page reflects her light-hearted approach to conveying relatable events.

“It was 29 days ago when I announced an extra $130 had mysteriously appeared in the checking account. Ten pounds of Taco Bell, and a pair of new shoes later, we all wandered around the house trying to figure out what happened to the Wi-Fi.”

Duncan's first book, “Life on Saturn: A lifetime of grace in unexpected places,” focuses on her family growing up with a strong faith in the same house where she grew up. In “What a Life – The Book,” Duncan's writing expands on finding grace throughout life's events.

“I get to talk about my faith and about our lives and how it affects our lives, and how our walk with God makes such a difference,” Duncan said. “It's just a really good way to maybe inspire other people and to reach for God, even if you're not perfect. We're not — that's a big theme that (readers) see, too.”

Duncan said she is both excited and nervous now that the paperback book was officially published Jan. 6. She is enthusiastic about sharing it with readers and giving a copy to each of her sons as a keepsake they can pass down someday.

“With my column over the years, that's what I've put my heart into,” Duncan said. “So it's really special to be able to offer that to more people.”

More information and purchase options for Duncan's books are available by visiting www.amazon.com and searching for “What a Life – The Book” or “Life on Saturn: A lifetime of grace in unexpected places.”