Long-standing cleanup program to receive makeover

By Hannibal Courier-Post
Posted: Apr. 2, 2020 8:50 am

HANNIBAL | A neighborhood cleanup program that has existed for decades in Hannibal could soon be undergoing major revisions.

During a recent meeting of the Hannibal Traffic Committee at city hall it was proposed that the city discontinue its Adopt a Block program, which permits individuals or organizations to designate certain areas for which they will be responsible for keeping clean. In return the city has recognized those taking on such a task by erecting special signage that names them.

Rich Dauma, the street department's representative on the traffic committee, pointed out that it seems that once the signs are installed acknowledging that a select area is being kept clean by certain people or groups trash pick up rarely, if ever, occurs.

“People really like the idea of seeing their names on a sign. And while they have good intentions, in all the years of installing the Adopt a Block signs all over town we have never had anyone call asking us (street department) to pick up bags after they have done a cleanup in their designated area,” he said.

Dauma proposed revising the program so that it incorporates the city's parks and recreation department or Stream Team.

As part of the recommended changes the city would supply trash bags to anyone who would be using them to undertake an area clean up. A site would then be designated where the filled trash bags could be left for city personnel to pick up after an area has been cleared.

A motion was unanimously approved that would see the Adopt a Block program dissolved as it currently exists. The parks department would be recruited to join in the creation of a new, streamlined program that would offer different benefits to those undertaking the cleanup of a certain area.



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