Ralls County Sheriff weekly report

Posted: Mar. 27, 2020 10:14 am Updated: Mar. 27, 2020 10:21 am


Ralls County:  Phone Message

102 Lafrance St Perry:  Assist

Highway J Shady Oaks, Ralls County: Citizen Contact

46445 Sweetbay Ln Ralls County: Alarm

10889 Stone Creek Trl  Ralls County: Child Custody

Highway 19 Highway 61, Ralls County: Traffic Hazard

Highway HH WB Highway 61, Ralls County: Traffic Complaint

Highway 19 Clarence Cannon Ln, Ralls County: Traffic Crash - Non-Injury

209 E 4th St , New London: Phone Message

49249 E Lakeshore Dr  Ralls County: Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance on East Lakeshore Drive. One suspect was arrested for burglary

419 S Main St  New London: Citizen  contact

209 E 4th St New London: Phone Message



44344 Ariel Ln  Ralls County: Deputy responded to an assist agency for the Monroe County Ambulance District

56371 Meyer Tr Ralls County: 911 Open Line

 Highway 19 Otter Rd, Ralls County:  Traffic Crash - Non-

 14295 Spalding Rd , Ralls County: Phone Message

301 E North St , Center: Alarm

11565 Sioux Dr  Ralls County: Domestic Disturbance

Phone Message

17550 Highway 19 Ralls County: Assist Agency

301 E North St Center:  Assist Agency

58888 Scotts Ln Ralls County: Domestic Disturbance

Business Highway 61 Highway 61, Ralls County: Motorist Assist



US 61 Business 61, Ralls County: Motorist Assist

Highway T 3 Miles South of V, Ralls County: Animal Complaint

US 61 Huckleberry park Rd, Hannibal: Traffic Hazard

11938 Highway O  Ralls County: Assist Agency

28804 Highway 19  Ralls County: Building Check

204 N Scotland St  Center: Auto Theft



Camp Creek Ln Highway O, Ralls County: Citizen Contact

17550 Highway 19  Ralls County: Citizen Contact

Us 61 Ralls County:  Check Well Being

 Highway J North Spillway, Ralls County: Citizen Contact

Amen Corner Dr Little Bear Creek, Ralls County: Traffic Crash - Injury

 Highway V Salt River, Ralls County: Animal Complaint



Highway H E Lakeshore Dr, Ralls County: Traffic Hazard

Oak Hill Rd , Ralls County: Animal At Large

13483 Cody Dr  Ralls County: Information

301 Dunlop Center:  Information

10034 Highway O Ralls County: Domestic Disturbance

Highway N , Ralls County: Traffic Hazard

17545 Wolf Dr Ralls County: Assist Agency

10132 Highway Z Ralls County: Suspicious Vehicle

52553 Trabue Ln  Ralls County: Suspicious Vehicle

11974 Highway H  Ralls County: Phone Message

11974 Highway H Ralls County: Child Custody

17067 Sundance Dr , Ralls County: Fraud

11976 Highway H  Ralls County: Trespass



16460 Business Highway 61 , Ralls County: Traffic Crash - Non-Injury

Highway 19 Palmer's Curve, Center: Traffic Hazard

Highway V  Ralls County: Animal At Large

53773 Highway A  Ralls County: Phone Message

404 E 4th St New London: Assist Agency

Phone Message

Highway J 1/2 South of Highway A, Ralls County: Traffic Crash - Non-Injury

10781 Elm Rd Ralls County: Check Well Being

48369 Rensselaer Ln  Ralls County: Possible DWI

Walnut St N Netherland St, Perry: Traffic Stop

204 N Scotland St Center: Information

11417 New London Gravel Rd  Ralls County: Open Line

Vermont Ln Highway Y, Ralls County: Animal Complaint

43687 Blue Lagoon Pl , Ralls County: Firearms

Phone Message

201 E Rector St 4, New London: Assist Agency

US 61 NB Gibbons place, Ralls County: Stalled Vehicle

14286 Highway O  Ralls County: Suspicious Vehicle

10107 Highway 79 Ralls County: Traffic stop

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